ecuadorian elitist strikes back at miss teen USA

i felt a sense of unity when our nation came under attack in the form of a youtube comment, and joined brainlessbunny in protecting our freedom:

acuerdopais (23 minutes ago)
Even here in the third world all students can locate the USA and most countries in the map. Is a kind of culture acepted issue to be an american idiot?? I’m so proud to be Ecuadorian. Can you locate Ecuador in the map??
Brainlessbunny (19 minutes ago)
Yes, Ekwadore is near South Carolina ? Right?
jaybol (12 minutes ago)
“Is a kind of culture acepted issue to be an american idiot??”

this question makes no sense. ecuador is that line that runs around the world, and if you do too, then that is great you must have great abs.

crystalfaith (14 hours ago)
isn’t it equator? Ecuador is a country….

jaybol (14 hours ago)
sarcasm and irony

crystalfaith (14 hours ago)
sure sure… now your trying to cover up your stupidity by saying it was sarcasm and irony… 😛

jaybol (14 hours ago)
you caught me…i really did think that he was omnipresent on an invisible band circling the globe…you should be on CSI Victorville

~ by jaybol on August 27, 2007.

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