breaking the dam

thank you (you know who you are) for taking a sledgehammer to my brain today, and knocking me loose. it is nice to just be awake and sober. self-referencing text can be ok as long as it is not just a forum to apologize for possible weaknesses or shortcomings…it is ok for the author to acknowledge that he is aware that he is writing and that someone is reading what he is writing. some environmental ideas for people who don’t want to be full-fledged dirty hippies…1)don’t idle your car, and 2) don’t get a plastic bag big enough for bread, 32 oz. Champagne of Beers and hot dogs (and hot dog buns) IF you only have a pack of gum.

in doing this, 1) can be thought of as entry-level, still normal environmentally conscious guy, and then 2) can be thought of as intermediate-level, still normal environmentally conscious guy because it involves a bit more proactivity to tell the clerk that a bag will not be needed.

if i had to guess, i would say i have saved 8 minutes of unnecessary idle time in my car, and about 63 plastic bags (probably only about 14 paper bags).

but there is something really thrilling about painting your house and then just dumping the extra paint down the storm drain!!! leaded gasoline is for champs not chumps! and yes i wrote and write most everything in the masculine form because him/her takes longer. and meat isn’t murder, because animals aren’t technically alive (source – encyclopedia brittanica salesman).

the preceding has been a flawless example of multilateralism. compromise and prejudice. democracy. for the people. yes!

~ by jaybol on July 31, 2007.

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