swift is fast

and somewhere out there, an imposter refers to himself as swift like fast. but swift moves somewhat slowly. but inside, he really moves quickly, and also when he runs and swims. it is when he speaks that he is slow, for he who is slow to speak is full of wisdom. he also has a good wife and acreage to explore…a trusty dog and knowledge of designing roads. a good man indeed.

~ by jaybol on April 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “swift is fast”

  1. So you’re saying you’ve spoken with Brian of late? I guess he still lives in Oregon from the way you discribe his homestead.

    How’s married life treating you, or did I miss that post? Just pretend I asked the question you’d like to answer and tell me about it.

    A fool can listen his whole life and learn nothing. A wise man can learn something, even from a fool.

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