not inconsistent just occassional

have you ever seen kiteboarders? i wanted to make fun of the guy with the bunny teeth until he did a 900 calfgrabwindtuckfunnelflip. it is so much easier to communicate myself when i stop pretending that i am writing for myself…just reminding ourselves not to take the situation with the stamp price increase too seriously is one way that we can win each and every day. i don’t know if there is anything that i would get permanently tattooed on my neck. mostly because there is a knob that i am afraid turns out the lights…i can feel it right now. i let wade know just now, but i have really learned that it is important to eat a good breakfast. there is nothing as magnificent as watching a poodle playing with a Christmas squeak toy midway through January. He has no idea that Christmas is over. That is a testament to his supreme intelligence.

~ by jaybol on January 20, 2006.

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