open your windows

there is something a-stirring in the hearts of all men, or at least i like to think that it is ALL men (and women) because it allows my recent adaptations and transformations to seem so much more the grander. it is a place called vulnerable and it is absolutely beautiful, and it is quite simple. just open the floodgates and let the language of your actual mind, that actual core that you (i) know so intimately…yes it is that breath, that tightness in the chest and the invisible release, and let your fellow man and woman know who you actually are. i can say that i have had a solid handful, and when i say solid, i mean solid like a roll of nickels in my hand…a roll of nickels worth their weight in gold…i have had a solid handful of these conversations in the last week with some of you, and you know who you are because i know also…somehow i trust that you shared with me the vulnerability that i shared with you in return, because the synergy was such that a delusion alone could not have caused the sensation in my mind that we were truly knowing each other perhaps for the first time. and still tonight i must remind myself gently, to listen…listen.

~ by jaybol on March 20, 2005.

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