at least we have compatibility if not affordability

We all complain sometimes…whether you are the extremist who thinks logos could somehow go away and that the corporations will be defeated (read: they are smarter than you in some way that you are unwilling to be smarter in, if only for the sake of your soul), or whether you really do want it, soul or no soul, or whether you think that we can all share in an abundance, which is an ideal, and relegated to ideal status because so many of us don’t think that humans will ever be able to share because our ancestors didn’t. Wow, we have an inborn capacity to murder, but some of us have managed to control it, and some of us have managed to share. Of course, the monopoly isn’t always going to be the best product, but it got there somehow and has the infrastructure in place to allow all of us to at least talk to each other. Wait that is not a justification…he was right…that is just paralysis…promoting acceptance of the way it is as the way it always will be. Do we make due, or do, as the high school geometry teacher once asked/told me with a question mark?

~ by jaybol on February 22, 2005.

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