Crisp, but soft

That is how certain jackets are, and certain days…well, just the jackets. Ok, so are the days (think listening to guitars and computers and airplanes at the estuary with a good sun). “His teeth are gold!” That is a common response we have to people with gold teeth. Also, we have “why?” I think it is because some people don’t trust banks, and it is just a way of ensuring that a meal can be had if the shit hits the fan and precious metals become the street currency. Why not keep your emergency fund wrapped around your teeth? Well, for starters, it is probably more difficult to take out the gold teeth to use as currency than it is for me to grab the William McKinley engraved silver bar from the top of the bookshelf. Plus, if someone knows where my hidden treasure is, they break in and grab it off the shelf. Sure they could shoot me first, but my bodily harm isn’t guaranteed the way the gold teeth guy is sure to experience pain. Well, at least if the robber is able to pry the mouth open and somehow make off with about $3000 in gold…wait how much DO gold teeth cost?

~ by jaybol on February 19, 2005.

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